Addenbrookes Hospital

I appreciate your concerns about Addenbrookes Hospital and I agree that patients have the right to expect the highest quality care from their local health services. That is why the Government has introduced the Care Quality Commission's rigorous inspection regime. It is crucial that Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust continues to work closely with regulators and take advantage of the support available to urgently put in place the necessary improvements.

The NHS is something to be valued and protected. Ministers have been able to protect the NHS by increasing spending by £7 billion in real terms over the last five years because of the Government's long-term economic plan. You can only have a strong NHS if you have a healthy economy.

The Prime Minister has made a commitment to increase spending on the NHS in this Parliament. I support the Government's commitment to increase NHS spending in England by a minimum of £8 billion in real terms over the next five years. This will enable the NHS to implement its own plan for the future to further improve health care in the Five Year Forward View. Combined with the efficiencies that the NHS Forward View sets out, this will provide the funding necessary to implement this plan in full.

This will secure a better future for Britain, with a healthy economy funding the NHS so that it is always there for you and your family.