Digitally enabled businesses in rural Braintree

Speaking in the Parliamentary debate on last week's budget, I praised the growing number of small businesses in Braintree and the surrounding villages and highlightend the important need for strong broadband connectivity.

In my speech I argued that small businesses form the cornerstone of the British economy and highlighted ESco Business Services Ltd as a role model rural business.

Speaking about the Fichingfield based company which I visited last week, I said " It provides good quality, well-paid local employment, and it relies absolutely on good quality digital connectivity, without which it would be unable to locate where it is."

I added "If we are to spread economic activity in this country away from London and into rural areas, it is really important that we open the door to businesses such as ESco who depend heavily on strong broadband.I am unapologetic that I am now going to mention the need for broadband in rural Britain, and I shall continue to mention it almost every time I get to my feet in the Chamber"

On the wider implications of the budget, I said “ I’m proud to be a member of a party that champions those that take risks, roll up their sleeves and start a new business. It is people like the owners of ESco limited and so many others, that bring both jobs & growth to our local area and country. I’m delighted to see that Braintree is a hub of small businesses and that my party has presented a Budget with business at its heart”