Thank you

houses_of_parliament.jpgLast week the voters of Braintree elected me to be their Member of Parliament and I want to thank everyone who did so.

It is a privileged to represent such a wonderful part of the country and I intend to work hard for everyone in the constituency and help unlock its full potential.

I believe that having a Conservative majority government makes that aspiration easier and our best days are ahead of us.

An election campaign is a team effort and it would be almost impossible name everyone who helped secure the fantastic results that we saw at both the parliamentary elections and at the district council elections.

I take it as a strong indication that people recognised the fantastic work that had been done by the the local councillors and my predecessor Brooks Newmark.

The first week at Westminster has been rather hectic and I am yet to fully set up my office. This means that some correspondence is still waiting for a reply, I will work through all the letters I have received and will reply to them all. In the mean time I hope you understand I thank you in advance for your understanding.