It is in the interests of the UK for there to be great international free trade and a trans-Atlantic free trade agreement is a significant step towards that. Government figures show that the UK could benefit by up to £10 billion per year if this is agreed. This is the equivalent of £400 per UK household per year. 

I have seen the QC's opinion on the relationship between the TTIP and the NHS and I have also seen the government's position. I am confident that the UK government has sought and won specific protections for the NHS and protect it's unique position.  

I have sought QC's opinions in the past and it should be remembered that they are opinions rather that judgements. Other learned QCs will, no doubt, have differing views on this issue. 

It should also be noted that this deal is being negotiated between the EU and any international agreement signed by the EU automatically transfers the policies addressed by that agreement into the "exclusive competence" of the EU. It is also the nature of our EU membership that the negotiations are removed from national governments, because trade is already an exclusive competence of the EU, as are matters like food standards.

I wish to see more global free trade but I understand that not everyone shares my view, I also feel that the NHS is not under threat from TTIP but again understand nor everyone shares that view.

Ultimately this is an agreement between the EU and the USA and is contingent on our continued membership of the EU. Irrespective of my views on this particular agreement I would like to see the UK parliament have a greater say in trade deals like this but that can only happen if the UK votes to leave the EU on the 23rd June this year.