James Cleverly seeks commitment from Government on protecting UK industry from unfair and distorted overseas competition post-Brexit

25th February 2019

Speaking in a debate on the Trade Bill, James Cleverly seeks a commitment from the Government that it will always drive down tariff barriers where possible while protecting UK industries from unfair and distorted competition from overseas.

My right hon. Friend mentioned this in his statement, but will he give a more explicit commitment that under a Conservative Government we will always seek to drive down tariff barriers where that is possible—and drive down prices for consumers—while protecting the industries in the United Kingdom from unfair and distorted competition from overseas?

Wherever we can bring down prices to make the disposable incomes of people throughout the United Kingdom go further, we will do so. That is a sound Conservative principle. We will also cut tariffs where we can do so without any potential disruption or disbenefit to UK business and industry, because tariffs are taxes. We are able to take those measures today because we will no longer have to apply remedies—that is, taxes—to the UK in areas where there is no UK production, but there is currently EU production. It is an act of economic liberation.



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