18 June 2023
James Cleverly visits RDC

James Cleverly met with Gerry Hackett of RDC and took a tour of their premises to see how they work to minimise IT going to landfill.

Making sure IT equipment avoids landfill.

James said:

“It was great to meet with Gerry and meet the staff.

“Tucked away on the Springwood Industrial Estate in Braintree, RDC is the World’s foremost IT circular services management company. That means they deal with used IT equipment to minimise what goes to landfill, ensure data is securely destroyed, and any equipment that can be reused is refurbished.

“I also had a first look at RDC’s IT museum, showing a variety of equipment that they have taken in and processed over their 30 years in the industry.

“Great to have a FTSE 250 company based right here in Braintree.”